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Spray-in bed liners are hard bedliners that are made to protect your truck bed. They are typically made from polyurea and polyurethane elastomer which sticks directly to the truck's cargo area. Spray-in bedliners will not fall out or shift as your truck moves. When installed accurately, they also block water, grime, and other environmental elements from damaging your truck bed. Most bed liners have a gritty consistency to them, to prevent objects from shifting or sliding around in your truck bed.

When it comes to picking the best spray in bedliner for your truck, there are several bedliner companies to consider. However, three top manufacturers typically come to mind. These manufacturers are ArmorThane, Line-X, and Rhino Linings. Explore the information below about each manufacturer:

ArmorThane – ArmorThane is the counterpart of Rhino Linings, and users consider it to be indestructible. There truly is no comparison between all the name brand bedliners and ArmorThane. Especially when you add in customer services and all the charity done by this company. They believe in giving back to those that made them who they are. This is not to take away from their fantastic work on bedliners. You will not find a better quality more indestructible.

Even in extremely harsh weather, movement within the truck bed with an ArmorThane spray-in bedliner is practically nonexistent. Tests show that even after spilling materials such as oil and lacquer thinner on this bed lining, no destruction was visible. No bedliner can stand up to the toughness of an ArmorThane Bedliner.

Reviews online also state that if you want to choose a spray in bed liner that would last your entire life, ArmorThane is the best option. Customers of the bedliner say that nothing seeps through this bedliner and no scratches are ever reported seen after several years.

ArmorThane lists the following benefits to their product on their website:
No scratching paint
Maximized cargo space
Wide range of colors and OEM color match
No worry with the fit; fits all sizes, shapes
No vibration or noise
No fading, warping, cracking
Easy to clean
Increased resale value

"ArmorThane shows Performance TV how to prep a BedLiner."

"Applying ArmorThane Bed Liners"

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2. Line-X – While people protest that Rhino Linings make the side walls look sagging, Line-X is a good choice for those who want them to look more molded in appearance. As compared to Rhino Linings, Line X seems to be more durable, especially for people who are going to use their trucks on a regular basis. Line-X keeps the truck looking flawless while Rhino Linings develops tears, and the texture is almost rubbery, which is off-putting to most that encounter it.

A territorial manager of a Line-X store confirmed that Line X is more durable than Rhino Linings because of a superior curing process. While Rhino Linings follow a low-pressure curing system which makes them less durable, Line X is made from a high-pressure curing system. According to their website, "Line-X's range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect your truck and more from the harshest of elements… In addition to customizing trucks and SUVs, we excel at delivering advanced protective coatings solutions with commercial, municipal, industrial, and manufacturing applications."

"2015 Ford Aluminum F150 Line X Bedliner Install"

"Removing Line-X Bedliner from a truck."

3. Rhino Linings – Rhino Linings is most well-known for its ability to decrease the road noise when it is used on the pickup bed. It is also a versatile product which can be used at a lot of places without any hassles. The brand is trusted and loved by truck owners because of its reliability. Reviewers of the product also praise the way only a hose is required to wash off the truck and make it as good as new after Rhino Linings has been used and things like bulk sand, Belgian Block, firewood and others have been carried. It's essential to get these linings from a reputable installer.

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Rhino Linings come with a lifetime warranty, but it's imperative to have a professional install the lining initially to ensure it's quality. The government experimented on various spray-on technologies for bomb protection, and as per that report, ArmorThane was the only one that passed the test.

Just like ArmorThane, Rhino Linings has been around for "more than a quarter century" and have gained distinction as "superior quality, strength, and durability" according to their website. They also have more than 2,000 independently-owned and operated businesses in almost 80 countries.

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How is polyurea coating applied on concrete?

Performance of the concrete coating is 80% reliant on surface preparation. If the crust doesn’t stick, it isn’t going to work.

Always begin with a test to assess surface contamination, looking for such things as oils, acids, salts, and other elements that will impair the coating. Based on the test results, follow with the correct approach to preparing the surface.

Extract grease and oil first by using an excellent commercial-grade degreaser or a hydrocarbon dispersant. Make sure you research local environmental compliance specifications—some cleaners and waste byproducts can’t go down a wastewater drain. Full containment and offsite disposal may be required, which adds another level of complexity.

Next are chloride and sulfate removal. Again, consider local environmental regulations when choosing the product and process. Use a widely accepted, commercially available chloride/sulfate extraction product.

The purpose of proper surface preparation is to create a profile for a good mechanical bond for the spray-applied product. Shotblast the field area and use diamond grinders for edge detailing. Both of these are dustless methods using vacuum retrieval attachments. Strive to achieve a concrete surface profile of ICRI CSP3.

Before spraying, replace or repair caulking sealants and repair corrupted or spalled concrete surfaces that will receive new coatings. Cracks less than 1/8 inch get routed to a 1/2-inch V-groove. Fill the prepared cracks, expansion joints, and different transitions with a urethane sealant. This step is sometimes done after spraying if someone wants to exclude it from the warranty. Use caution here when working with inexperienced spec writers or owners.

Next, install the primer, usually a 100% solids epoxy at 5 to 8 mils, followed by broadcasting #20 aggregate into the wet epoxy. The total also can extend the primer recoat window, making the working time more suitable for the crew.

Bag off and mask the area as needed to protect against overspray. Make sure all of the fixtures and vertical surfaces are covered. In some cases, this might include using wiretaps where a clean-trimmed edge is desired.

When spraying, work with the owner and manufacturer to define the result, making sure the correct product is selected and applied based on the warranty required by the owner.

There are three significant challenges when spraying. The first is the overspray. This is all about common sense. Pay attention to what’s around you and how the wind is blowing. Skip this step, and you can have a lot of unhappy vehicle owners.

Next are pinholes that can transfer through the base coating during the first two minutes of spraying. If this happens, stop spraying and prime again. A solution to outgassing, which directly relates to pinholes, is to apply the primer in the late afternoon when the concrete is cooling off. This creates a vacuum effect, which will pull the introduction into the concrete surface pores and imperfections.

The last problem—spraying off-ratio—can create a big mess. If the equipment operator monitors carefully, he will know right away that there is a problem. Some of the newer equipment reduces the chance of these issues by incorporating data recorders and alarms that control heat and pressure ratios; some will shut the pump down if set that way. The fix for spraying material off-ratio can be hours of rigorous cleanup. Pay attention, and you will dodge that bullet.

Finally, avoid problems with plural component spray through preparation and training. Train your teams to diagnose problems in their early stages. Replacing a 50-cent O-ring is much easier than tearing out and replacing 3000 square feet of the bad coating.

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Rhino Liner Vs. ArmorThane – Which One is the Best?

Rhino Liner Vs. ArmorThane – Which One is the Best?
If you own a truck, especially a new one, chances are your friends or relatives have advised getting a bed liner. A bed liner helps to protect your truck bed from any damage which can be caused by the cargo moving around the bed of your truck.

There are a host of brands claiming to provide a perfect bed liner, so you may find it difficult to choose the right option for you. However as far as type of bedliner there is currently only two; spray-in or a drop-in bed liner. Most people select a spray-in bed liner for their trucks.

The Spray In Bedliner
So, today, we are going to provide you the reviews and comparison of the two companies that have been around the longest; Rhino Liner and ArmorThane. Our research, analysis, and face to face comparison of Rhino Liner Vs. ArmorThane will help you to choose the best option for your truck according to your requirements and budget.

First, we will take a look at what is common among them both.

Similarities between ArmorThane and Rhino Liner

Installation part is crucial for bed liner working. If you are or have a good installer, then you will get the best results out of the liner you use.

Remember that, even if you got the best of the best bed liner for your truck, it could not beat UV radiation. So, it will fade away in a few years from the direct sunlight and this is applicable for both, in fact, for all bedliners. So you need to remove and install a new bed liner after a few years. Chemicals used in both the liners are mostly the same. Both liners offer a nationwide lifetime warranty. Color options are typically the same for the Rhino Liner and ArmorThane.

Now, let’s check the differences between the ArmorThane and Rhino Liner in terms of durability, installation, performance, and cost.

Rhino Liner Vs ArmorThane  durability, installation, performance, and cost.

Rhino Liner is the most famous bed liner today. Due to its versatility and reliability, you can use it in different places without any hassle. On the other hand, if you want a molded look on your truck bed, then ArmorThane is a better option to choose. Comparing the durability, the ArmorThane is more durable than Rhino Liner, especially for regular daily use.

Installation of Rhino Liner Vs ArmorThane

The installation process varies from one installer to installer for Rhino Liner. If your installer uses a hot and high-pressure spray system, then you will get a similar application like ArmorThane  because ArmorThane  is applicable with a high-pressure system at 130-210 degrees. Some installers use TuffGrip process for installing Rhino Liner which provides a softer and more rubbery feeling than the ArmorThane bed liner.

Performance ArmorThane  Vs Rhino Liner

Sometimes, people may find the truck bed covered with ArmorThane bed liner is harder than that with Rhino Liner. When you move around on your truck bed, you will feel hardness on your knees and also sometimes; it may cause damage to your wooden type cargo. On the other hand, Rhino Liner provides a smoother finish which behaves more gentle to your knees and cargo. ArmorThane has a thicker coating than the Rhino Liner which makes it a better sound deadening bed liner as well. Additionally, ArmorThane has a superior curing process, and so it is more durable than Rhino Liner.

Cost ArmorThane  Vs. Rhino Liner

It doesn’t matter which spray-in bed liner you choose, whether it is Rhino Liner or ArmorThane, if you get the full body installation, then it may cost you around $3000-$5000. If you want to do only a truck bed lining, then it may cost between $500 to $1000.

So, Rhino Liner Vs. ArmorThane  – Which one is the Best?

So not many people know this but 30 years ago the owners of ArmorThane and Rhino Liner knew each other and both worked together to come up with the best possible chemical blends. Soon afterward, the ArmorThane bed liners were using the best application process compared to the inferior cold process from Rhino Liner. They also offered a country-wide warranty, years before that provided by Rhino. Moreover, The ArmorThane brand has more of a cult following than the Rhino Liner. With people that use them typically going back time and time again because of the loyalty to the brand.

Both claim to be the ‘best.’ However, claiming is not an essential factor for a permanent bed liner for your truck. ArmorThane time and time again has proven itself to be unmatched when it comes to nearly every factor taken into consideration. As someone who has been in the industry for over 2 decades, I would be lying if i said any different.

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Tips & Warning Signs for Mall Roof Maintenance

Category: roofing, malls Fixed budgets for commercial maintenance roof costs create a problem. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. It is essential to spend time on roof maintenance before you have to spend money. Once the roof maintenance budget is consumed, it is tough to decide to put more money towards it.
Especially given that preventative maintenance is not an emergency Roof maintenance does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but it does cost time, attention, and a little bit of research. That does not mean you don’t have to account for roof maintenance in your budget. 
Adding inspection time to CAM (Common Area Maintenance) fees is more than enough to consider for the time you should spend each year on your roof inspection, as well as addressing roof repairs when needed. 

Let’s take a look at some great roof inspection methods, as well as roof warning signs that could indicate the possible need for a repair. 
 1. An inspection should take place at least twice a year. Especially for malls in more abstemious areas with heavy snowfall. Performing an examination every six months is diligent work, but any significant weather events should also be taken into accounts, such as heavy snowfall or storm. Be sure to check after these events for standing water and high-wind damage. 

2.  It's everywhere: debris Branches, leaves, trash, tools, materials and other items can diminish the quality of a roof – water can gather under the thing and cause rusting, degeneration, etc. Always check for anything on the roof that does not belong, or has inadequate flashing. 

3. We already took care of that: sites of previous leaks If you have already repaired your roof, be sure to check the site for any signs of the problem resurfacing. Once an area has been hazarded, it is all too easy for it to come under distress again. It’s important to us for our clients to have roofs in good shape. It’s even more important to recognize signs of roof distress. If you see any of these predicaments, it might be time to call us. 

4. Water those: Ceiling Stains A brown blotch, a small drop on a ceiling tile. If there is a stain on the ceiling, and the pipes aren’t leaking, it’s time to call a professional. If you can see the leak, that means that it got through insulation and drywall and any other material to become visible. Damage has been done. And it can suddenly become an emergency when a customer slips and falls onto a lawsuit. Luckily, with technology like thermal imaging, identification and repair is not a guessing game, and we can get your roof back in good working order in no time. 

5. Anyone else smells that?: Mold / Odor Similar to the ceiling stains, if it is evident to your senses, the damage is done. If you can smell or see mold, there is a moisture problem that could be due to a roof issue. Taking care of the source sooner rather than later is key to taking care of a mold problem.  

6. If it’s a puddle, it’s a problem: Standing Water Standing water by itself does not indicate a problem, but if not correctly routed and cleaned can lead to deterioration, which leads to leaks. Not to mention the additional steadfast weight that crushes the roof deck. 

7. Not the good kind: Bubbles Bubbles on a roof top can indicate captured moisture, or insulation board problems. This could be a minor improvement, but if left unaddressed, can become a break in the material. If the destruction goes unnoticed or unaddressed, it creates significant predicaments like rusting, tearing, and leaking. 

8. It's worse than you think: Flashing Voids Any building on the roof should have adequate flashing coverage around the entire base. A flashing void is as bad as having a tear. All flashing should be inspected at installation, and then checked after every significant weather event to help prevent spreading problems. 
Keeping the roof in good shape, and knowing when it’s not should be a top priority for mall owners to prevent leaks and collapses. There are many news stories in recent years about collapsing roofs, make sure yours is not one of them. We have considered time-spending efforts, but there are more advanced roof examination methods like infrared scanning and membrane testing that can identify underlying problems. Problems that cannot be harangued with a visual examination. 
To start a proactive roof maintenance plan with us and schedule an inspection, give ArmorThane a call today! 
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When society as we know it falls and zombies roam the globe, you could take your chances, throw your arms up and pretend to walk amongst them, Shaun of the Dead- style.

However, let's face it, after a certain point, you'll be forced to take up a well-balanced diet of liver, fava beans, and some nice Chianti.
No, the much better option is to prepare yourself, your stronghold and have the most important tactical advantage for the zombie apocalypse in a way that assures you'll be invincible to the uncoordinated assaults of the undead. Here’s everything you’ll require.

Start with a qualified truck
When looting and mass chaos results, you could have your pick of swoon-worthy sports cars, but what good will a Ferrari do when the roads are clogged with swarms of mouth breathers? You need something that can operate off-road, off the grid
and do it with sangfroid.

That means four-wheel drive and vital ground clearance (imagine the piles and piles of carcasses you will have to clear) like a Truck, Jeep, SUV (not a crossover), or even a full-sized van, provided it’s a 4x4.

If you thought hop-ons were frightening on the Bluth Company stair truck, try dealing with decaying nonliving mutants in your truck bed.

Which leads me to your next item that is a must. An ArmorThane bedliner! This is a must for many reasons including that whole decaying nonliving mutant in your truck bed thing. With an ArmorThane bedliner you will be able to hose out the back to clean it out. You will also have some amazing grip for any weapons or tools you will be needing to take on your zombie hunting ventures.

Then, add a grille guard
Also known as cattle bars or bull bars, their fundamental purpose (before they became a trendy embarrassment for rhinestone cowboys) was to guard the front of your truck and radiator if you collided with a cow. In the apocalypse, there are no cows, because zombies ate them all. Zombies are the new cows.

Hook up a night vision system
For years, several manufacturers have offered infrared cameras with in-dash displays so you can see objects in the darkness that you'd otherwise have no clue were there. When every second counts and the absolute last thing you want is a surprise encounter with a zombie at point-blank range, an infrared system is a seriously worthy investment.  

Install flamethrowers
The contraption you see here was invented initially as an anti-carjacking device for use in South Africa. A system like this isn't exactly legal in the US, but in a zombie wasteland, we are willing to take our chances. Fire may not kill the undead, but it will keep 'em at bay long enough for you to make your exit. https://youtu.be/fDrzMGdYWZc

Use airless tires
Worst case scenario, you can use run-flats, but they're not ideal for off-roading. What you want is a proper set of airless tires, like the Michelin Tweel shown here. They're cutting-edge tech that uses no air pressure whatsoever, so you're not going to get a flat at an inconvenient time.

Invest in some quality bulletproof glass
Zombies aren't going to shoot at you, because that would be silly, right? However, when you’re plowing through a particularly aggressive throng and rotting body parts are flying all over the place, you'll take comfort knowing that nothing can bust through your
Hook up a zombie detection system
Companies like Mobileye (shown) provide high-tech arrangements that sound alerts when you're about hit something you probably don't see yet. It's technically a “pedestrian” detection system that warns you to slam on the brakes. But the same principles apply when there's a repugnant flesh mutant about to pop out and overwhelm you. Floor it and take that LAMEBRAIN out!

Prep your interior for mud, blood, and messes

If, in the course of events, you wind up with some repulsive blood and/or brain splatters on your interior, you'll want to wash it with a hose instead of scrubbing with your bare paws and risking infection. Vinyl seat covers are relatively inexpensive and are designed for people who take their 4x4 toys off-roading to get the mud off easily. Your truck bed should already be done from the previous step above.