Thursday, September 2, 2021

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Cooling Tower With Polyurea


Equipment repair costs are a major concern, regardless of where you work. There are many ways to prolong the life of your cooling system and save money. We're talking about how to repair the cooling tower in your HVAC system.

We want to talk about what this means and how to fix them for a fraction of the cost.

What is a Cooling Tower?

Energy produces heat. Common manufacturing processes, such as food production, produce a lot of heat. This heat must be dissipated. This is where the cooling tower comes in.

A cooling tower can be described as a heat exchanger. It cools down the water heated by the comfort cooling or production process.

The system first transports warm water to the tower. It then spreads the water throughout the fill. This increases the water's surface area and allows fans to cool it down faster. The water that evaporates is emitted through the tower's top and into the atmosphere.

The system cools the water and returns it to the chiller. The process will continue for as long as the system is in operation.

Where are Cooling Towers Most Commonly Used?

Large-scale industrial facilities, including oil refineries and nuclear power plants., commonly use cooling towers. Cooling towers are also used in manufacturing, such as food processing plants.

Cooling towers are also common in schools, hospitals, offices, and other buildings that use HVAC cooling.

Cooling towers like all metals will eventually rust and corrode. Depending on the size of your unit, you might need permits or equipment rentals. Do you have a helicopter that you've rented? It's not cheap, we promise!

Six figures minimum are required to replace a tower that has been damaged. But with Polyurea, repair costs are significantly cheaper.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea can be described as a coating. It is a rubber-like, sprayable polymer. Manufacturers developed it in the late 1990s to help companies save money on industrial repairs.

It was used more often by commercial mechanical companies as it became cheaper to replace than repair.

Polyurea can save my Aging Cooling Tower.

It's crucial first to understand how Polyurea is used to repair cool towers. To make the surface smooth for the Polyurea to stick to, we first use grit blasting. We will then replace any areas that are completely rusted with sheet metal.

We will then spray your cooling tower with Polyurea. The cooling tower's interior will look and function like new once the Polyurea coating has been applied. Untrained eyes might not be able to see that it was ever repaired.

The final step is to tackle the exterior. We will apply a membrane in the appropriate places and spray it with Polyurea. As we said, this entire process is much cheaper than replacing an aging tower.

Are you interested in finding out how Polyurea can be used to save your cooling tower? Contact ArmorThane for a free strategy call today! 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

ArmorThane Is Providing Major Profits During The Pandemic

During the pandemic, we have seen material shortages that have affected a vast number of industries. One sector affected is the lumber industry.  Prices for two-by-fours just last May hit levels that were more than twice their previous record set three years ago.  

Hope is on the horizon, however.  Just two months later and lumber prices have fallen nearly 70% from that record level and are now starting to resemble wood pricing levels before the lockdown cut supplies short and boosted demand. 


Despite the shortages of lumber, appliances, and other building materials that led many builders to limit the number of homes they start, total housing starts rose 3.6% in May.  This creates an opportunity for the ArmorThane applicator and their polymers.  As the demand for housing starts to increase, so does the need for protective coatings.  A new home can benefit from open and closed cell spray foam in many ways. ArmorThane's foam acts as an air barrier and insulation in one.

Improved indoor air quality means a healthier home.  It reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling so you can see a return on your investment.  ArmorFoam works its magic between the walls so you don’t see it in a finished home.  But don’t think coatings can only be used for protection.  ArmorThane's polyaspartic roll-on ArmorFloor can top off the garage and make your home complete.  Not only does it add great chemical and skid resistance, but it can also protect the concrete for years to come and you can even add decorative chips during the application process and make your garage truly unique looking.  


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Speedliner Review: Is it worth all the hype?


Speedliner is another good name, but no actual equipment, and very high cost for only one product.

Overall, it has ok strength but requires 1-2 days to cure. Metallic substrates must always be dry and primed with their UltraPrime 450 before applying Speedliner. The price for Speedliner is over $60 / gal plus freight with only 2 & 4-gallon kits. Vapors from Speedliner 1000 contain isocyanates and solvents.

In order to put Speedliners products in prospective I will explain what they offer and how it compares to ArmorThane's ArmorLiner which is a top notch bedliner product you can purchase at a MUCH cheaper price.

ArmorThane's ArmorLiner is a hybrid and Speedliner 1000 is 100% polyurea. Now, most bedliner companies these days, believe that the hybrid product makes the best spray-on bedliner. Here's why: 100% polyurethane (like Rhino's old Tuff Stuff) proved to be too weak of a product for truck bedliners. But, it had great grip. 100% polyurea is strong, but it's way to hard. It does not keep your payload in place and it does not allow for very much impact protection. A hybrid is very strong but still allows for impact protection, and still allows for your payload to stay in place.

ArmorLiner has always been a hybrid however ArmorThane does have 100% polyurea products but they feel like ArmorLiner is a better product for truck bedliners.

Speedliner is solvent based and is not environmentally friendly. (ArmorLiner does not contain any solvents). The solvent in Speedliner is ethyl acetate (EA). EA is EXTREMELY dangerous, its vapors are literally explosive. Speedliner requires a primer to be applied to the truck first. The reasons for this are: 

  1. Polyurea alone does not have good adhesion and 
  2. Speedliner is applied using a brush, roller, or hopper gun at about 90-100 psi which is considered low pressure and 3. Speedliner is not heated which does not lower the viscosity. 

ArmorLiner does not require a primer for truck beds because: 

  1. ArmorLiner is a hybrid and polyurethane has much better adhesion properties than polyurea and 
  2. ArmorLiner uses high pressure at about 2,000 psi which forces the bedliner product into the scuffed surface of the truck bed and
  3. ArmorLiner is heated to about 130 degrees which lowers the viscosity and allows for better penetration into the scuffed surface. Also, I'll mention that Speedliner's primer also contains EA. ArmorThane dealers do have primers available for other applications, if needed.

Regarding DuPont Kevlar:  Speedliner dealers open a little packet of Kevlar fibers and pour it into the "A" side or isocyanate. Well, that's not very scientific. It's very possible that the fibers actually WEAKEN the Speedliner bedliner by interfering with the isocyanate/resin reaction. In order for the Kevlar fibers to actually add strength, it's important how the fibers line up with each other and where they end up in the solution (like top, middle, or bottom). 

  1. Only Speedliner brand primer can be used.
  2. Manual mix only, cure takes 2 or more days.
  3. No 5-gallon pails, drums, or discounts.
  4. Gun is the same as Wall-Mart model called Spraying Mantis at a higher price than retail.
  5. The pressure pot is like a Graco but requires premixing with no known method of cleaning it or purging hoses & guns.
  6. This pressure pot is not a plural component pump.
  7. The spray air needs to be less than 5% relative humidity as it leaves the gun.
  8. A 3-in-1 refrigerant dryer for your compressor is mandatory.

We suggest you stay far away from this bedliner vendor!

Speedliner Equipment:

Speedliner 1000 Pressure Pot

Speedliner 1000 Pressure Pot – $1,375.00

·         The spray air needs to be less than 5% relative humidity as it leaves the gun.

·         A 3-in-1 refrigerant dryer for you compressor is mandatory.

·         Air membrane dryer is mandatory.

·         Requires air compressor dedicated to this equipment.

Basic Speedliner Hopper Equipment

Speedliner Hopper Gun – $127.00

The recommended hopper gun for Speedliner is their gun, but at a higher cost than same Wallboard guns available online and through major hardware stores. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Scorpion Coatings Franchise Review


Scorpion offers basic equipment at inflated prices.

Priced at $45.00 to over $80/ gallon depending on the quantity (plus freight)

Companies like Scorpion try copying the model of Line-X, but without true national name recognition, they wind up  “pretending” to have the same recognition. Result: Lookalikes charge more wholesale for their bedliner, more for equipment, or must bind dealership startups into buying “only their proprietary” formulas or spray-rigs. While that’s not unethical or dishonest, it made competing with ArmorThane, Rhino  & Line-X more difficult. Scorpion will continue to be a small Line-X wannabe charging too much for junk products.

We give a hard pass on this company!

Scorpion Bedliner Equipment:

EG570 Electric Spray Gun

EG570 Electric Paint Gun – $350.00 – Sold as a gun for polyurea

Promoted as Scorpion Coating product line, but is a Wagner Flexio Sprayer 570 readily available from $80-$129 from Amazon to Home Depot. Unfortunately, the EG570 has numerous complaints. Before considering this, check out the Top Negative Amazon Reviews to avoid a costly mistake.

“Large Volume” Spray Gun

“Large Volume” Spray Gun – $140.00 (approx.)

Standard spray gun from Scorpion used high volume use with a 2-gallon hopper. In reality, this is available from Wallboard. It is a ceiling/texture gun for approximately $75.00. Similar hoppers from Graco are much higher quality for much cheaper pricing.

Generic Low Volume Spray Gun

The “Al’s Liner” Spray Gun – $59.00

Smaller jobs like standard truck bedliners use this with this 1-gallon hopper. This can be found at local tool retailers, Harbor Freight, or online for as little as $20. …

Al’s Liner is the “DIY” version of Scorpion Coatings, which is itself a DIY system. Al’s is a higher-priced, scaled-down version of Scorpion.

Scorpion ASC6/7000

Scorpion ASC6/7000 – $16,995.00

This system is called a high-pressure system because it uses a high-pressure plural component proportioner. The pump systems cost significantly more than using XO2, but it is a fast application, no mixing, and dries fast. Payback on these kinds of systems can require significant time unless the volume is high. Some larger shops, dealerships, and commercial applicators have these volumes and can afford more high-priced expenses. At $20,000, an actual Graco E-10 HP or EXP1 or 2 becomes more logical than this unit. Graco has manufactured these for over 30 years for near the same price and offers a much more reliable product.

Cartridge Systems


It seems they support the theory, but do not have an actual system.

All Cartridge systems use a LP polyurea inserted into cartridges for a low-priced pneumatic cartridge gun. Cheap replaceable spray tips called Static Mixing Tubes must be replaced each time you spray. Cartridge guns were intended for applicators that need faster dry times but can’t incur the high cost of a Graco system on very small jobs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

What makes ArmorThane the best bedliner?

ArmorThane bedliners will be the first thing that you notice. They look gorgeous and really put that final touch on any new vehicle. ArmorThane is a well-known brand that has been in business for over 30 years. Their look has been refined and every applicator is trained in the most effective, modern application techniques. You will get the same smooth, beautiful look.

A Few Key advantages of ArmorThane's bedliner. They are very w to fit your truck bed. 

When the bedliner has been sprayed in, your truck bed will be free from any bubbling as well as sliding cargo.        

ArmorThane's anti-skid properties are despite its rough texture. It can store cargo well. The rough surface can be difficult on the knees and hands for some people. Because of this, you may need to kneel down and rummage through your bed.

A quick overview of the Armorthane bedliner: The ArmorThane truck bedliner is rugged, dries quickly, and looks amazing!

If you prefer to reduce the surface texture, you can request customization. This will smooth the surface but it might appear less glossy. 

ArmorThane's main competitors are Rhino Lining and Line-X. They claim that a hard surface provides more durability and wear resistance.

The application process for each product is fairly similar. However, cargo can be damaged by hard surfaces, especially wooden crates. The ArmorThane bed liner is an excellent choice, and no one seems to regret it.

The final decision is whether you are willing to compromise comfort in favor of ruggedness.

Pros Of ArmorThane

ArmorThane's tensile strength is higher and it has a harder surface which makes it more resistant to wear. ArmorLiner is their latest, modified and updated flagship product.

ArmorThane has the ability to absorb sound.

It fits perfectly in your truck bed, so it is easy to install.

Once it is applied it dries in about 3-5 minutes.

Spray-on bedliners create a permanent bond with the truck bed.

Truck bedliners that are spray-resistant to chemicals like gasoline and diesel also resist chemical agents.

Rhino Liner

The main difference in this ArmorThane vs. Rhino vs. LineX liner battle is the texture. Rhino is more soft and less durable.

Rhino truck bedliner are thicker than ArmorThane and are not as rough. Rhino's bed liner is the better choice between them both. These two will protect your truck bed but not your cargo.

Rhino's bedliner has the best anti slip functions. This can vary depending on what finish you choose. A glossy liner will be more slip-resistant than a matte one. A matte-like look is required if you want a better anti-slip.

Rhino Lining is thicker and more effective than Line-X in dampening vibrations while you are hauling cargo. This is a great benefit for people who enjoy a calm ride. 

Rhino linings are also soft and may not last as long as harder materials. But it protects against corrosion and impact as well as weather and abrasion. Rhino also offers a lifetime guarantee, which will put your mind at rest.

The protective coating should be applied only by an experienced Rhino Linings Dealer who has the appropriate equipment. The quality is better despite the higher cost.

Pros Of Rhino Liner

The Rhino liner has a soft texture that feels better than ArmorThane.

The thicker liner works to reduce sound and impact.

Rhino lining's soft surface makes it more convenient for cargo. It is much easier than other bedliners with rough surfaces. Although it is more expensive, you can obtain UV-resistant, waterproof and non-flammable coating protections.

What is the Commonality Between the Three?

We now have a better understanding of the differences among each brand. Let's look at the most striking similarities. The comparison of ArmorThane vs. Rhino Liner vs. LineX Liner wouldn't be complete if we didn't discuss the common ground between them.

No matter which brand of bedliner is chosen, it will perform the task if properly installed

UV radiation can cause damage to truck bed liners. It is important to have UV protection in any truck bed liner. ArmorThane offers products that can reverse any fading.

While the chemicals in the ArmrThane, Rhino, and Line-X truck spray bedliners are very similar, it's the way the bedliners are installed that will determine their quality. 

Larger manufacturers offer a nationwide lifetime guarantee.

Clean and prepare your truck bed before applying bedliners.

The liner finish can vary slightly but the colors are the same.

It is nearly the same cost to hire a professional and for the bedliner.

You now have a better idea of the strengths, weaknesses, and commonalities of each liner brand. This will make it easier to choose the best DIY mattress liner.

These features protect your truck bed by providing anti-skid and weatherproof protection. Your truck bed will be protected from water, chemicals, and corrosion.


The choice of the best truck bedliner can be difficult. It's important that you consider the benefits of the bedliner for both you and your truck.

You want a smoother look that's not too rough on your joints. Do you frequently haul large and sharp objects, which could damage your bedliner? These are just a few of the factors that influence which bedliner is the best. 

No matter what product you choose to use, we will never forget the quality and safety of the applicator. ArmorThane's 30+ years of experience in the business has allowed them to develop their techniques and products. This is yet 

Friday, July 2, 2021

What is Yield strength?

Definition - What does Yield strength mean?

Yield strength is a measure of the maximum stress that can develop in a material without causing any plastic deformation. It is the stress at the which a material exhibits a specific permanent deformation. This is an approximation to the elastic limit.

It is crucial to consider yield strength when designing structural engineering. When designing a component, for example, it must withstand the forces incurred during its use and must not deform. Also, choose a material that has sufficient yield strength.

It is the highest limit of forces that can be applied to a part without causing permanent damage. The yield strength is used often to calculate the maximum allowable load. There are many yield criteria for different materials.

When a material is stressed, it can deform in a way that can still be recovered. The material's yield strength refers to the amount of stress that occurs after its deformation is complete. A stress higher than the yield strength will cause irreversible deformation. Due to the linearity of elastic distortion, yield strength can also be called the maximum level of stress that can reasonably be achieved without any deviation. There is a direct relationship between strain and stress. You can observe large deformations beyond this point without any increase in the load applied. Yield strength can be expressed as N/m2 (or pascals).

An explanation of Yield strength

It is important to know the material's yield strength when designing components. This usually indicates the maximum load that can be applied. For controlling the production methods of many materials, such as rolling, forging and pressing, yield strength is crucial.

To determine a material's yield strength, a tensile test can be used. The stress-strain curve is plotted to show the test results. The stress at which the stress-strain curve is not proportional to the material's yield strength is called the yield strength.

The yield strength is used in design applications as an upper limit on the amount of stress that can be applied a material. This is particularly important for material applications that need to maintain exact dimensional tolerances in the face of high stresses or loads. You can fine-tune the yield strength by changing the dislocation density, grain size and impurity levels (in crystallized materials). Materials without a clearly defined yield point are usually described as yield strength. This is the stress at which there will be a permanent deformation of 0.2% or more of the original dimensions.

In the construction of structures, yield strength is crucial. It should be able to perform in elastic regions under normal servicing conditions. The plastic region of the material is crucial when the material is subject to unexpected impact loads like fires, explosions, or natural disasters. This is because a large percentage of the energy that the material absorbs under these circumstances is due to the plastic area. A material with a greater toughness means that it can withstand unexpected loadings for a longer time, allowing for more safety measures to be taken.

Yield strength generally increases with strain rate and decreases with temperature. If the former is not true, the material will exhibit a yield weakness anomaly. This is common for super-alloys and can lead to them being used in applications that require high strength at high temperatures. The "yield stress anomaly" is another name for the yield strength anomaly. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when yielding starts. This is why proof stress is often used. This is the point at which stress causes a certain amount of strain. This is what is used to determine the yield strength.